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12 September 2019 09:00



The employees of Limpopo Dairy Farm will reap the fruits of their hard work as they will benefit from the 900 hectares farm purchased by Limpopo Dairy Farm Director, Mr Tobius Fourie.

Mr Fourie highlighted that during the visit by the Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr. Dowelani Neguda that they have purchased 900 hectares of land in order to grow cattle food and the food will be sold to Limpopo Dairy to feed their cattle. The profit from the sales will be shared amongst employees of Limpopo Dairy Farm.

“Employees are the majority shareholder with 51% ownership of the shares in the project. The project will empower most of our employees and majority of them comes from Sinthumule –Kutama areas. During dry season we allow cattle from Magau village to graze on our camp as a symbol of support to our community.” Said Mr Fourier.

Mr Fourie further indicated that water shortage is a challenge for their production, they need water from the sewer so that the project can kick start because they want to use the water to grow food for cattle, .

The Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr. Dowelani Nenguda said  that the district municipality support the initiative because it benefits and empowers our communities, we are waiting for the Department of Agriculture to approve and provide the license to use the water then the project will start.

“We are very great for Limpopo Dairy Farm to come up with this initiative and we are great to have a business which always put employees and our community forward in fighting poverty and unemployment. We wish all businesses in the Vhembe area can do the same” said the Executive Mayor, Cllr Nenguda.