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Villages under Ntlhaveni, Giant reefs, Malamulele central won't be having water

Albasini water plant & pipe burst on Jacques Bouwer has been fixed


Mufamadi D - Acting CFO

Tel: 015 960 2032
Email: mufamadid@vhembe.gov.za
FUNCTIONS: Manage Budget & Financial reporting Manage Assets Manage Revenue

Ramavhoya M - Manager: Assets

Tel: 015 960 2044
Email: ramavhoyam@vhembe.gov.za
PURPOSE: To manage assets FUNCTIONS: Compilation of GRAP compliant assets register Alignment of assets register & financial statement

Mmbulaheni L - Manager: Income

Tel: 015 960 2049
Email: mmbulahenil@vhembe.gov.za
PURPOSE: To manage expenditure FUNCTIONS: Processing of payments Compiling of expenditure control Reconciliations

Mufamadi D - Manager: Expenditure

Tel: 015 960 2087
Email: mufamadid@vhembe.gov.za
Formulate and implement policies & procedures to control all forms of expenditure PURPOSE: To manage expenditure FUNCTIONS: Compiling of expenditure control Reconciliations

Sigida D - Manager: Procurement

Tel: 015 960 2075
Email: sigidan@vhembe.gov.za
PURPOSE:To manage supply chain FUNCTIONS: Acquisition management Logistics & demand management. Database management

Vacant - Deputy CFO

Tel: 015 960 2129

Manager Credit Control : Vacant

this post is currently vacant
FUNCTIONS To ensure credit control To Manage customer administration

Mhlongo C - Manager: Budget

Tel: 015 960 2030
Email: mhlongoc@vhembe.gov.za
PURPOSE: To manage budget & financial reporting FUNCTIONS: Consolidate & compile budget Preparation of financial reports Statutory reconciliation