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Albasini water plant & pipe burst on Jacques Bouwer has been fixed

Phiphidi Waterfalls

Phiphidi Waterfalls

Phiphidi water falls are situated less than 15km away from thohoyandou in the Mutshindudu River and is one of the cultural sites.

They are one of the many Sacred places that the vhaVenda people have. According to the Locals the Mahovhohovho as the water falls are know in Venda ,are a place were one can talk to the ancestors and they are also known to be a sacred burial site for the Tshivhase royalty. In some instances they have also been used as an instrument to forecast rain. It is said that the mahovhohovho make two types of sound. One is a very load noise and the other a soft relaxed noise. If the falls produce a soft noise then it is an indication that there will be good rains coming and if the noise from the falls in load then this is an indication that the will be no rains and this call for a sacrifice to be made.
Sacrifices are made by women, no men is allowed to offer sacrifices to the ancestors. Women make mullet beer and carry it to the fall were it is then offered to the ancestors. This will be accompanied by a dance called Tshikona that is also done by women. If the sacrifice is accepted by the ancestors then there will be legendary rains.

It is believed that water will evaporate from the sacred lake Fundudzi and it will rain only between the Luvubu river and the Soutpansberg mountains hens it is called legendary. Below the mahovhohovho lies Guvhukuvhu, the pools below the falls which is the hiding place of the Zwidudwanene - immortal, animated beings that are half-human. Of their bodies, only one eye, one arm and one leg can be seen as the other halves are visible only to the spirit world.