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Villages under Ntlhaveni, Giant reefs, Malamulele central won't be having water

Albasini water plant & pipe burst on Jacques Bouwer has been fixed

Domboni Bushmen Site

Domboni Bushmen Paintings

These are the paintings made by Bushmen. They killed/hunted animals for food. They would smear the blood of that particular animal on the rock by making a painting of that particular animal, the reason for that is that they wouldn't like to kill and eat the same animals because they will get exhausted.

The Caves The cave was primarily used for staying and protection. Matavhela ha Vho-Rebecca Matibe An old woman, who is well known for producing arts and crafts. Tshiungani Caves Basically the caves were used for protection and for storing food. The Big Tree - Baobab This is the largest baobab tree in the country. The tree has survived more than 3500 years.